Monday, October 31, 2011

Today's Run = Fail

UGH! Nothing but excuses for my failure. However after going over my excuses in my head, I know what I have to do to move forward to prevent future slip-ups. I only made it to 2 miles! Sigh.... I'm proud of myself for listening to my body but sad that my body couldn't be pushed further.

Excuse #1: I let too many days go in between my runs. My last run was on Wednesday! It was great too, made it to my 3.1 mark only let myself slack off and then only make it to 2 miles before feeling like I was going to fall over. I was supposed to run Friday but had a lunch thing at work to go to and then dinner out with family. It left no time to run. Saturday it was raining and icing so running was out of the picture. Sunday.... I think laziness kicked in and I used Connor's upset belly as an excuse not to run.

Solution #1: GET ON A SCHEDULE AND STICK TO IT! I'm officially keeping myself to a Monday, Wednesday, Saturday schedule. NO MORE EXCUSES!

Excuse #2: I started feeling really crappy and my stomach started getting upset around 1.5 miles. Why may you ask? Well... I ate a great breakfast of oatmeal and a protein drink BUT when I got to work I only had coffee... ZERO water and munched on candy this morning. How do I expect my body to run when its fueled with JUNK! I totally undid my great breakfast start!

Solution #2: I need to start focusing on my intake. I haven't changed my diet since I started running. I'm not talking about going on a diet BUT be more conscious of what is fueling my system. I'm drinking way more coffee in the morning than I used to in the last month and a half, and my water intake is slowly decreasing every day. Get on the ball girl!! Start eating better! Drink more water! Its an easy thing to do!!

Excuse #3: Having excuses! The first two excuses allowed me to be mentally defeated and then that lead to a physical defeat.

Solution #3: I'm a procrastinater in heart and I need to recognize legit reasons for missing a run and total bull shit reasons.

Wednesday I'll be sure to fuel myself with the best of anything and everything an push myself to the 3.1!


  1. are not a failure. Just keep plugging along. "we" are behind you all the way!

  2. I'm a champion in procrastination when it comes to exercising. Reading this post made me realize I haven't done any today :( Google reader, or walk? Hard choice! xD

    I'll go for a walk now. Good luck with your running!