Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I know we're two days passed the holiday but I can't help but share my cute little skeleton!! We met with friends to go Trick or Treating. Connor's first really time out went ok. He did fine the first couple of houses BUT towards the end he started to get hungry and would melt down in between each house. Once we got back to our friend's house Connor was too distracted by all the other toddlers to sit down and eat soooo he kept throwing fits. We decided it was time to get outta there. On the way home we stopped by to surprise as set of grandparents. Once we got home and Connor got some real food in his belly, I let him have his first taste of Halloween candy, Gummy LifeSavers. Enjoy the pics!

Off we go to beg for candy!

Too cute to be scary
First Halloween Treat

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