Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Week on Pinterest!

I started this week off trying one of my "For The Home" pins. It says to take a magnetic strip and place it in an area in your bathroom and attach your bobby pins to it. I did it... and its ok. BUT when I go to take one off my fingers bump other and then they fall off. NOT COOL. Soooo I think I'm going to get a small bowl with a magnet in it. This way all of them will gather together and I don't have to worry about them spilling.
Image from Pinterest

On Monday we were going to meet at a friends house for a Halloween get together Potluck event. My problem was it started right after work and I needed to have something prepared. I went to my Pinterest boards and found Chicken Fajitas in a crockpot. YUM! They turned out great and it was very easy to make!

Tuesday I made Spicy Honey Chicken. I didn't have all the spices she was requesting but I made something similar. THEY ROCKED. It was great grilling too because the weather was nice and cool.

The spices I used.

On Wednesday I blogged about how two of my friends came over and we made Snickerdoodle muffins. THEY WERE TO DIE FOR! VERY YUMMY!

Friday I made foil wrapped bacon ranch potatoes and tossed them on the grill with some Italian sausage. These were also a winner.
My potatoes... mmm... soooo good.

Saturday I made Hawaiian Chicken in the crock pot. My family found it funny because my father is in Hawaii for work right now. It turned out ok. Kevin and I agreed that the sauce was a little strong.

Theroy was good but I'm going to have to adjust it.
This morning I made Apple Sauce Pancakes. They were pretty good. I added All Spice, Ginger and extra Cinnamon to it and I'm glad I did... they would have been bland. I made Connor a Mickey Mouse shaped pancake...

Now for the crafts.....

I blogged earlier in the week that we have a Thankful Zone in our house. The idea came from this pin.

Gobble Gobble!
This week I also remade the Red Velvet Hot Chocolate to go with the Snickerdoodle Muffins and the sliced potatoes to go with dinner on Tuesday.

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  1. you can always get a paper clip container with the magnet opening. Saw that on pinterest too :)