Sunday, November 20, 2011

Relaxed, Rested and I Have Returned

When I last posted, I was stressed, sick and going crazy while preparing for my vacation.

I'm back. I'm rested. I'm relaxed (for the most part... our dryer broke today...). I'm ready to get back into the grove of things.

We left for Myrtle Beach, SC on Sunday morning and came home Thursday afternoon. I'm not going to get into play by plays of our trip because we were really really low key on this trip.

We had a whole condo to ourselves that included a master bedroom, HUGE bathroom, full kitchen, washer/dryer, and a living room/dining room with an ocean view Our first day we went shopping at the grocery store. We bought stuff for yummy breakfast and lunch as well as munchy stuff. We also bought beer since it was a mommy/daddy only trip :)

The mornings were spent enjoying coffee and a brilliant breakfast then followed by reading until we decided what we wanted to do. From there we decided what we wanted to do and did it. What we did was wander the beach, wander Broadway on the Beach, Barefoot Landing, played Mini Golf, ate awesome food and drank beer. In the evenings we came back to the suite, relaxed on the rooftop hot tub, and read our books again.

Vacations away without a toddler are so much different than our vacations before we had a baby. Its not a bad thing really.... we really just appreciate the uninterrupted reading time, uninterrupted meals and the peace and quiet.

I love being by the water and we had the perfect weather. It was in the upper 70's almost 80's and mostly sunny more than half the time we were there. On our last evening there we watched a thunderstorm leave off the coast. I love love love having my toes in the sand. AND even though it was chilly.... I walked with my toes in the water on Tuesday.

Life was good last week. Life was better when we came home. I just loved seeing Connor's face light up when he saw me there to pick him up from daycare instead of my mom. I LOVED our snuggles the next morning.

We had Friday through today to get caught up on family time. Friday Kevin and I took Connor to Storyville in Woodlawn, MD and let him run and play with us. It was perfect family time until his mini meltdown at Chic-Fila.

Even though I'm struggling getting caught up on some housework, homework, labs and quizzes due to being sick before vacation.... its been nice taking time before having to head back to work. This work week is a three day work week so I'll enjoy the other long break that is coming to me.

I have to give a shout out to my mom for coming in and handling things with Connor. She said he was awesome be we all know toddlers can be a handful!

Soooo I'm back... I'll be blogging.... Enjoy the pictures from our trip!

View from our balcony

Another View

View from the front of our room

First day on the beach. We were right near Cherry Grove Pier.

We walked on Cherry Grove Pier

Celebrated our birthdays and anniversary at Joe's Crab Shack.

I'll have to scan the picture I have from the two of us many years ago in almost the same place.

Our golf balls kissed :)

COLD but worth it.

These birds reminded me of the guys from the movie City of Angels listening to the "music".

This leaf caused me grief....

Mini golfing nerds

This building will freak you out at night.... it freaked out Kevin while driving...

Where we spent most of our time reading.... It was WONDERFUL.

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  1. Your holiday sounds fabulous! And how fantastic to have your Mom on hand to step in and give you the break. mmmmmmmmmm coffee, reading, walking on the beach & a rooftop hottub. Nice post