Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days to be Thankful!

Yesterday I pulled out our paper letters and hung the word THANKFUL on the glass door in our living room. I tried explaining to Connor what Thankful means BUT he was more interested in me telling him what each letter was. In a nutshell, I told Connor Thankful is what makes you happy. We should all stop and think about what makes us happy and then give thanks for that wonderful gift. While we should do it every day and every month of the year... This month is at least the month to start!

Last night I also created a Thankful Turkey. I got the idea from a Pinterest craft. I started of wanting to create it but it morphed into its own thing. I took a paper plate and made a turkey. Then I grabbed 30 clothespins and attached them so they looked like feathers. Each day we'll pluck off a feather and attached a piece of paper or a picture of something we're thankful for on it. I tied a string above the doors. The turkey and the thankfuls will hang from it (I'll post a picture soon). This Thanksgiving we'll have a visual of what we're thankful for.

Our Thankful Turkey!
So what were we thankful for yesterday? We were thankful for Connor!! He was the first "item" to be added. He's truly a solid blessing in both mine and Kevin's life each and everyday.

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