Thursday, October 6, 2011

Best Friends and Hot Dogs

I have a very best friend named Alice. She's pretty awesome. We've been friends since middle school and since our last names (my maiden name) were very close to each other alphabetically we were pretty much always in the same homeroom all the way through high school. We also went to the local community college together and transferred to University of Baltimore together.

We've always been close whether we're spending lots of time with each other or going through a phase in life that takes us separate paths.  It doesn't matter how long we've spent not communicating because once we're reunited its like no time has passed. She's one of my non-momma friends which totally gets that I'm a mom and understands my new found mom responsibilities. She's actually so awesome that she's the god-mother of Connor.

This is my favorite pic of the two of us
Wrestling at my 24th birthday party -
Anyone who can make me laugh like this is A-OK in my book!

Now to the story at hand....

Back before I had Connor, Alice and I used to occasionally go on adventures to concerts around the area. Sometimes we would venture to DC, sometimes local and sometimes like the night we had the best hot dog EVER the Recher Theater in Towson, MD.

Many years ago we ventured to the Recher Theater in great excitement to see The Clarks. The concert was awesome and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves singing our hearts out and stayed to the very end of the concert even though we had school/work the next day.

The only problem about staying to the end of the concert is we were STARVING by the very end. It was so late out that everyone had closed and there was nothing to eat... SO WE THOUGHT! The concert was in the dead middle of winter and we were FREEZING our butts off! Hungry and tired we made our way back to Alice's car.

Just before reaching the parking lot there was a random hot dog stand selling HOT DOGS! We each ordered a hot dog with onions and other condiments. We froze while we waited for them to cook and then VIOLA we were eating the BEST TASTING HOT DOGS EVER! Even the onions were PERFECT and SWEET! They were so good to this day we still talk about them.

Our email conversation from this afternoon:
Alice: "I noticed this event because the guy has the same last name as you, but then I read what it was and now I kinda want to go. "
Me: "I'll go with you if you want. Kevin has bowling. Let me line up a babysitter and I'll buy a ticket."
Alice: "Woot Woot!! Let me know when you have a babysitter for sure - I'll wait to buy a ticket til I hear from you"
Me: "Sounds good. Let me get through this weekend and I'll make arrangements next week. I've added to my task list in Google so I don't forget. Maybe they'll be someone outside the building selling really yummy hot dogs afterward! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"
Alice: "mmm those hotdogs were so good and it was sooo cold out!"

Best friends are truly awesome. Best friends are really awesome when you can reminisce about really awesome hot dogs together years after you've had them!!!! HOT DAMN THEY WERE GOOD!


  1. I've yet to find a better hot dog!! Love ya chica!

  2. How wonderful to have a best friend for so long and one who is still with you despite your different family set up

  3. Hold on tight to each other; as time goes by you'll need each other more and more! My sister and me have this kind of wonderful giving relationship and i am very thankful.