Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Run Left....

I just did my second run in Week 9 for C25K.... one run left. Usually I've been waiting to finish the week before blogging BUT this run was my best yet. I ran a total of 2.50 miles with the total work out being 3.24 miles. My average speed per mile (while running) was in the 11 minute range rather than the 12 minute range. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. 62 degrees and breezy/windy. The sun was shining through the clouds bouncing around in the sky. I felt like universe was giving me such a great gift today. When my app told me it was time for the cool down I wanted to continue and finish two more laps to make it an even 3 miles but I decided to complete C25K before pushing it.

This was my last C25K run on the track. I'll complete Week 9 on Saturday at home in my neighborhood. I plan to keep running on my lunch breaks when needed on the track but this is the last run in the program at the track. It felt bittersweet. I started in Week 1 in the middle of August and I was sweating my butt off in the hazy, hot, and humid weather - OUT OF SHAPE. Now, I'm in the middle of October in the cool breeze of Autumn. While I haven't really lost any weight I feel stronger. I decided to take pictures before leaving to track to show what a beautiful day / run it was. Enjoy.

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  1. Wow! Those pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Impressed that you ran AND took photos!

  3. Marian: THANK YOU! It was a beautiful day.

    Roy: I took photos AFTER! I tried while running but it threw off my groove :)

  4. Running to me is the most wonderful form of therapy. I miss it SO much. Congrats to you on sticking with it!!!