Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Week on Pinterest....

Sunday's are going to be my Pinterest Posts! This week I did a lot of what I found I've been "Pinning" lately.

Earlier in the week I blogged about how I got crafty can created Leaf Creatures and a laminated fold-up travel mat for Connor to play with when we're out and about.

This weekend I have been kicking some Pinterest butt and cooking/baking my butt off!

On Friday I remade the Mini Deep Dish Pizza's that I made about two weeks ago. They were still just as yummy.

I started on Saturday by cooking making Cheese Cauliflower Pancakes to go with our steaks for dinner. These were a tad disappointing. It was very involved to make these while trying to watch the steak on the grill and then they caused me a bunch of grief by not sticking together. After all was said and done they only tasted ok. Nothing spectacular. I deleted the pin.

For dessert last night I made Red Velvet Hot Chocolate. Can you say, "OH MY GOD"?!!! It was Ahhhh-mazing! It was the most work I've ever had to do for hot chocolate but well worth it in the end. It was a piece of heaven! Instead of little marshmellows on the top I sprinkled chocolate chips. Nom nom nom.....

My Red Velvet Hot Chocolate... Mmmmm

NEXT I steamed sweet potatoes and mashed them to prep for Sunday morning's breakfast. This morning I took the mashed sweet potatoes and made Sweet Potato Pancakes! I found the recipe Sweet Potato Waffles but we don't have a waffle iron so I adjusted the recipe and made pancakes! They were sooooo good and Connor tore them up too!

In preparation for this week's breakfast I decided to try another recipe. I found on Pinterest, Mini Frittatas. I sampled a little piece that came out of the oven and they were yummy too. I'll follow up with these once I've actually ate a whole one. BUT it was really simple to throw together and toss in the oven. I put orange and green peppers, mexican cheese and bacon bits in them. Mmmm.

Ready for this week's breakfast!

THEN....(I did a lot of cooking and baking!) I made a Chicken and Broccoli Casserole. It was a type of casserole that you make your own sauce instead of using a cream of soup. It was yummy but involved. Something that would have to be saved for a weekend and not a week night. I also left out the last step of pouring melted butter with poppy seeds over the top. I left out the butter part because there is already a stick of butter in the sauce and I left out the poppy seeds because I couldn't find them at the grocery store so I used black pepper instead. STILL YUMMY!

This afternoon Connor and I played a sensory game I "pinned" on Pinterest as well. I hid the foam alphabet pieces of a puzzle we had in a shoe box of corn flakes. He had to move around the flakes, find the pieces and then I helped him figure out where the fit. HE LOVED IT. We played the game about 6 times today. I used Corn Flakes because we have a huge box of them sitting on top of the fridge and its taking FOREVER to go through them. I figured using them for the game wouldn't hurt. PLUS we could munch on them as we played.

Enjoying the great outdoors while playing a sensory game.
Sooooo that was my Pinterest week in a nutshell. Most weeks probably won't be this involved (especially this week... I'm studying for midterms) but I hope to accomplish at least one "pinned" item a week!


  1. That's a VERY cool game you played with Connor - awesome! By the way, your cooking pictures made me drool a little....

  2. Thanks!! I bought the foam puzzle for a $1 at Rite Aid last month. I also got a numbers one too! I was saving them for something fun and this was it.

    I made the Hot Chocolate again last night for me and a friend and it was delish!