Sunday, October 9, 2011


Here's a piece of my writing from June 2008. Just a little bit of inspiration to help us being our week.

Inspiration doesn’t come from someone else.

It doesn’t come from your heart
Nor from your brain or anything physical
Inspiration isn’t found in nature or a beautiful sunset
Not found in your soul and not in long journey

Its comes from beyond.

Beyond knowing.
Beyond thoughts.

Beyond love.
Beyond ourselves.

Inspiration comes from the other side.
The other side of our soul, the other side of the physical, the other side of nature.

It comes from where there is no physical.
It comes at inconvenient times.

It comes when we least expect it.
It comes making it feel impossible and then we reach the top of the mountain.

We cannot see where it comes from.

We feel it. We create it. We live it.

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