Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Dogs Allowed... Oh wait... I read that wrong? No Kids Allowed....

Word on the street is the new hip thing for businesses to do is ban children ( This includes but not limited to.... First Class section on airlines, restaurants, destination vacations and grocery stores! Wow!

My first reaction was shock. How could a business decide to just ban kids under 6?! Then the old tune from "Snoopy Come Home" popped in my head..."No Dogs Allowed", and I giggled to myself. These businesses are genius! NO I'm not comparing my child to a dog BUT when I'm out and about without my 18 month old I ENJOY the quiet and lack of stress that can come along with taking a toddler out to eat or pick up groceries.

Connor is a pretty well behaved and mild mannered toddler. Kevin and I consider ourselves fairly lucky. Why should we have to endure a child crying, spitting out food or screaming while we're out on a date night? We could stay home and get that kind of show!

Yes he's super cute... BUT yes... it's gross!

We actually haven't ate out much lately because Connor is getting to the point where he is curious about his surroundings and wants to get out of the highchair to investigate. He'll also scream if he doesn't want what is on his plate. I don't want to be dealing with it, so why would the people next to me want to deal with it?  I'm not saying kids shouldn't go out to eat BUT thought should be put behind where the parents are taking their kids.

My mom told me when she was a single mother and didn't have my sister and I on her weekends off, she would ask the host at the restaurant to sit her far away from small children. It was her break! I don't blame her! When she did take us out to eat, you bet she was reminding us about acceptable behavior!

The idea of grocery stores having "child free hours" really excites me! I leave Connor home when I go shopping on Saturday mornings because he's just not the cute little baby that used to roll with the shopping trips. Two weeks ago I was in the pasta aisle and there were three kids screaming. My time out of the house alone is precious whether I'm getting my brows waxed or picking up food for the week.

I'm sure there are two ends of the spectrum on these thoughts. My thought is I know my child can be annoying as well as your child. There is no denying it. Businesses are finally listening to the consumer and I'm excited!


  1. I am so glad another mother feels the way I do about this!
    I hadn't heard of grocery stores doing this, and I'm not thrilled with that part of it, but kids in stores don't annoy me, either. But I love this for restaurants! There is a difference in "family dining" and "fine dining" that some people just don't seem to get. A fancy date-night restaurant with heavy glass plates, big knives, and no kids' menu or high chairs is not the place to take a little one! It's no fun for anyone involved.

  2. unfortunately, if too many businesses started doing this, i would have a really hard time shopping. i don't have the luxury of doing much without my crew in tow.

  3. I think the restaurants and stores are doing this because parents drag their children everywhere they go and do not realize their children are not interested or amused and are bored. It use to be that parents would spend the money to get a babysitter so they could get out and enjoy a good meal, shop or see a movie. In the last 10 years I see babies everywhere they should not be: like at NFL games,networking meetings, in the adult pools with their swimmy diaper that holds in the solids but not the pee, and in higher end restaurants. I once was seated next to a family in a restaurant and the baby choked on broccoli and threw it up their whole meal. That ruined the evening. Couldn't they have gotten a babysitter?

    I love children. They are amazing beings especially when they are in their own enviroments where they are comfortable and can move about freely. I am all for these changes!

  4. I agree with kid free zones so i can enjoy my dinner in peace. I have done the years of my dear daughter (with very gross eating habits) starting flicking food over other diners and having to leave with my tail between my legs. Oh the joy of hearing them tell her "Shoo, no kids allowed".
    My son had impeccable manners but dear daughter now has a child of her own just like her! Ain't life grand!