Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation Day #1

Yesterday marked the first day of vacation while my mom is in town.

I woke up with Connor, got him dressed and dropped him off at daycare. When I got home I ate some breakfast and got ready for our day to begin.

My mom and I were meeting our friend Linda over the Bay Bridge to check out her new office space she set up to work with clients. After catching up we went to lunch at Kentmorr Marina. I had very yummy California Burger that had avacado on it. My mom, of course, had MD crab soup and then some crab salad.

After lunch we went to the outlets for some shopping. We were on a mission to find my mom some petite tops and a dressy pair of black sandal flats and anything that was on sale and fit me.

Our first stop was Dress Barn. I found two tops that fit perfectly and were on sale so I bought those. There wasn't a petite section for my mom so we continued on. Most stores we stopped in didn't have the shoes we were looking for or a petite section. Boo..... Finally we stopped into Talbots and they had a very nice selection of petites. My mom was able to pick up two shirts. We were also able to find the dress shoes she was looking for at Bass.

After shopping we made to the car before the sky opened up and poured. It rained its ass off. We could barely see the bridge in front of us when we were on the Bay Bridge! We just made it home in time to get ready for company.

Bill and Kevin ventured out to dinner and a movie and our family friend Linda (different Linda than earlier in the day) came over for dinner and card games. Once Connor was in bed Linda, my mom and myself started playing Nertz ( Lately I've had a horsehoe up my butt because I've been winning left and right since my mom came into town. And sure enough..... I won all but one game last night. It was a lot of fun talking and catching up over games.

I FINALLY crawled into bed last night a very tired momma. It was very worth it. Life is good.

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  1. Sounds like such a fun day! (and a much more relaxing vacation than we had last week)