Monday, July 4, 2011

Deep Cleaning

Today while everyone was cooking out and eating fabulous BBQ food Kevin and I did some deep cleaning inside the house.

Backstory: For the last month we've been having issues with our cat Joy using our carpet as her litter box instead of the litter box. We resolved her issues and she's back to using the box (we hope). The problem is I just feel like our living room is gross even though I've cleaned all the spots. Also, our couch is micro-fiber. While I LOVED it when we bought it... the fabric is a magnet to cat hair (see previous post) and any spill or stain shows very clearly.

So.... we got a wild hair to put to use our expensive steam cleaner that we HAD to buy a couple years ago. Let me tell you. This cleaner did WONDERS for the couch! Our couches look so fresh and happy again! Most of the stains came out too! The carpet was a piece of crap when we moved in and its the only carpet we haven't replaced but it even looks a little happier and my nose isn't feeling offended from Joy's issues.

I should also mention we got the carpet and half the couch done while Connor was napping. It took team work but we did it. We finished the rest of the couch after Connor went to bed. Its always nice when a simple project stays simple and gets accomplished.

This evening I tossed brown sugar bourbon chicken tenders on the grill, cooked up some rice and veggies and had us a fabulous dinner. My grilling skills and ideas are growing day by day (guess I'll have to blog about that tomorrow).

Before bed I'll probably wander out to our deck and check out the neighborhood fireworks around us. This time of year is my favorite. We live on the water and our neighborhood is crazy redneck. We get fireworks and cannons going off every weekend out of the summer once Fourth of July hits.

Hope every one had a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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  1. Sounds like a satisfying day - you enjoyed some good food AND worked as a team to get stuff done. Robert and I moved furniture and reorginized his office, so we joined you in getting stuff done. :-)

    We live outside the city limits also, and the last 2 nights I've gone to bed with fireworks booming and crackling and exploding! (those fireworks ALMOST drowned out the noise of the frogs... almost)