Sunday, July 10, 2011

Over Already?!

This weekend is over already?! I'm not ready for it to be over! Grant it I only have to work two days this week and I'm back on vacation but still... Saturday and Sunday blew by in a breeze.

We spent a lot of time with my family this weekend. Diva and G-Bill are officially in town visiting so we have a full house. Thankfully they are nice visitors and help out with keeping the house from becoming a disaster.

Saturday started off kind of rocky. Connor was in one hell of a foul mood. Even letting him watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse wasn't even doing the trick. Kevin was on call this weekend and was paged several times for work. He even had to run out to take care of some business in the midst of Connor's meltdown.

After lunch we told my mom good luck and left Connor with her so we could go to my Aunt and Uncle's wedding renewal ceremony and reception. It was nice to be surrounded by friends and family. My aunt was BEAUTIFUL in her dress and it was one heck of a party. Apparently all Connor needed was a nap because he was mostly back to his usually happy self once we got home.

Once Connor was in bed sound asleep my mom and I pulled out the cards. I challenged her in a game of Nerts. Even though I was worn out and exhausted I kicked her butt. THEN I challenged her and Kevin to a game of Tick and kick both of their butts. NEXT I challenged my mom in another game of Nerts. While she had one of the best hands of her life.... I still kicked her butt! I had one heck of a horseshoe!

Uncle Mark and Aunt Trish - Bride and Groom Again!

Enjoying some time away from a screaming toddler
Sunday we spent time with my mom's family. Since my mom and step dad were in town we decided it would be good to get most of us together for a cook out. I know I've been MIA and haven't seen much of my mom's side of the family since I got pregnant with Connor so it was really nice to catch up with family.

We BBQed in Middle River, MD at a marina where my Aunt's boyfriend houses his boat. It was hot in the sun but with the breeze blowing while we were in the shade made it a great day. There's nothing like a potluck filled with yummy family favorites and good eats. Connor was a little antsy at first because he wanted to explore this new territory but once he settled down he was quite the ham bone and enjoyed all the attention he received from family.

Kevin and Connor

Got our ducks in a row

Finally settled and reading

Me and my little man
I'm totally exhausted from one busy weekend and need some rest before Monday morning meets me bright and early.... BUT I'm gonna kick my mom's but in Nerts before I head in for bed.

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