Sunday, July 3, 2011

Toy Box Swap Day!

Yesterday was toy box swap day. This is where I take some of the toys Connor has been playing with over and over for the previous couple of weeks and replace them with toys from his toy box that he hasn't seen in a month. The following days after toy box swap is quite heavenly because he's so engrossed in all the "new" toys that he's not under my feet wondering what I'm up too.

Since he is learning and growing so rapidly he is learning something new with the toys that I pull out. Last toy swap it was the "pull, twist, push" pop up toy. He got this as a birthday present for his 1st birthday. All he could figure out was pushing the middle button. He would whine and say, "Mommy, mommy, mommy" until I opened the rest. At 15 months he was still doing the same thing. BUT a couple weeks ago it finally clicked. We put our hands on top of his and showed him how to twist, pull and push over the other buttons. He had it down in no time. Of course he still liked to fake from time to time and have me help him.

This toy swap he's finding it easier to use the shape sorter toys. I still have to show him where the piece goes but he's finding it easier to turn the pieces and get them to fit into the hole.

Its amazing how fast a toddler's brain grows. He's picking up more and more words and is using the short phase, "There/Here you go". I guess he picked it up from me because I'm always saying that when he asks me for something. I know everyone says their brains are like sponges but its just so fascinating to see it in action.

He's also even more frustrated with toys he can't figure out or don't work they way he thinks they should. It'll have to be a learning experience for him though. Eventually he'll get that the Little People won't fit on the Mega Blocks toys and vice versa. BUT until then, its me trying to explain in the simplest terms its nothing to get frustrated over. Sigh....

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