Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fox Mulder vs Hank Moody

In my younger days (not THAT long ago) I had it bad for the show X-Files. If you ask ANY of my friends from growing up I had a huge crush on Fox Mulder aka David Duchovny. Sigh..... I had posters on my wall, books about him and the show, Fox Mulder quotes posted on my wall next to the posters of him. After a while it wasn't just the crush that made me like the show but the story itself. I was into the mystery, the passion and the characters. Its probably embarrassing the say but I own all the seasons on DVD and have seen every episode. I'm not sure about now but a couple years ago if a show was on I could tell you which one it was and how it would end within five minutes. I truly LOVED the show.

Fast foward 10 years later. My latest favorite show? Californication. I've gone from Fox Mulder to Hank Moody. Now I don't have posters or quotes posted all over my bedroom wall (I don't think Kevin would let me get away with that) BUT I really love the show. I'll be honest. What grabbed my interest was the fact that David Duchovny was playing an interesting character. Its almost like Hank Moody is the dark side of Fox Mulder's personality that we didn't get to see because it was on Fox network. Hank's character is easy to like because he seems to stumble into his situations. You find yourself saying, "Don't go there!! Don't sleep with her!! Don't drink that!!" Kind of the same way I used to say when I was watching X-Files, "Trust No One! Run faster! I Want To Believe!" BUT of course the topics are way more sexed up and mature.

Anyway. I guess this is just a post confessing my nerdy love for David Duchvony's characters. I even liked him in Beethoven and Don't Tell My Mom The Babysitters Dead. Like I said... NERD!


  1. I love Californication! We are a couple seasons behind, though, and need to catch up. You're right, though, he does seem to just stumble into these crazy situations.

    And I can never look at Charlotte's husband Harry from Sex and the City the same way again ;)

  2. I was a huge Sex in the City fan too. I completely agree with you about Harry!! He's never the same!!!