Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Its Totally Tuesday

Its Tuesday. I'm finding myself back in reality. No more vacation. No more hanging out with mom. Back to work. Back to getting the house in order. Back to updating the budget and calendar. FUN. Monday was catch up and today is reality.

I was feeling kind of down this morning. I didn't want to wake up. I didn't want to take Connor to daycare. I sure as heck didn't feel like going to work. BUT I did wake up. I did take Connor to daycare. I did go to work.

Once at work I had some motivation kick in (might have been coffee induced). I spent sometime thinking of how I could fit some me time back into my schedule. Lately my me time has fast disappeared and I'm finding myself over tired and over stressed. Over tired and over stressed means me becoming lazy and my super mom self looses its super title.

As of this week I'm going to start my "professional development" for work. This involves me taking 4 to 5 different classes through the community college where I work. I'm going to be taking classes on blogging, web 2.0, social network for an organization and a few other programming languages tossed in. Thankfully most of these classes are online and non credit. Two of them are a full semester and 4 credits each. I'm excited to be challenging my brain more and getting back into the educational grind.

I'm also hoping to get back into beading. My mom taught me another bracelet pattern and I'd love to sit down and make some more. Beading and toddlers just don't mix.... BUT now that my office is back to being my office and not a catch all room, I'm hope to get my craft table set back up.

Don't even get me started on my strong desire to spend an evening meditating. BUT AGAIN. Meditating and toddlers.... yeah right.

I'm working on my extra "catch up" blog right now. The sneak peek is how a mockingbird at work reminds me of the book, "Are You My Mother" every morning. Sound interesting? I hope so....

This is my random Totally Tuesday blog. How was your Tuesday?

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  1. 1. BREATHE. Slowly. In and out. Close your eyes. Then do it again.
    2. Beading & toddlers definitely don't go together! I have a necklace I started before I got pregnant, had to stop because of a tendon issue in my thumb, then found out I was pregnant the week I had surgery for it. It's still pinned to the board, dusty.