Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Diva and G-Bill

Who is Diva and G-Bill? Well Diva and G-Bill are my mom and step dad. When I found out I was pregnant with Connor my parents as well as Kevin's parents decided on what name they would take on as a grandparent. My mother decided she was way too young (and of course she was right...) to be called Mom mom or Grandma or anything in the grandparent neighborhood. Soooo we settled on Diva Dawn. We've shortened it to Diva so far. My step dad Bill decided he was going to be Grandpa Bill. However, after wrapping all their Christmas presents this year and writing out Grandpa Bill over and over my little hand got tired so I shortened it to G-Bill. Much more up to speed with Diva!

ANYWAY. Diva and G-Bill are coming for a visit! Diva flies in tomorrow afternoon and G-Bill flies in Saturday afternoon. We are all super excited. Connor doesn't know why he should be excited but I tell him to be anyway! We haven't seen them since the end of January and its been way to long.

Of course this visit means I had to convert my office-turned-catch all room back into a spare bedroom. Sigh.... The last two evenings have been full of prepping. I've emptied the room of all the stuff that got "caught" there and took it to consignment today. I sadly folded up my craft table (my failed attempt at trying to get my inspiration back for crafts). I also vacuumed, dusted, and inflated the guest bed.  Connor had quite the time running around on the bed.

One Little Monkey Jumping On The Bed!

Is This Bed For Me?!!

All Fall Down!
Whew! But lets not stop there... I moved onto the living room. Thankfully we did a deep clean in the living room this weekend so all that needed to be done was toy organization. Then the dreaded kitchen. The fridge was emptied, the dishes have been caught up, the counters wiped down and (yes mom....) the microwave has been scrubbed.

So now I'm here. Blogging for the night. My hands are dried out from doing the dishes and I'm super tired. I can't wait to spend the next week with them!

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