Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maryland Favorite Foods

Since my mom is visiting us we're enjoying all sorts of MD foods that I usually don't think about because I'm here in the state all the time.

Saturday my mom asked us to stop and pick her up some MD crab soup on our way home from the wedding vow renewal. I giggled because its July, hot, humid and plain old gross feeling outside and my mom wants soup! BUT again.... there is nothing like MD crab soup!

Yesterday we were on a mission to find soft shell crabs. After visiting several seafood markets we were under the realization that the crabs were not sloughing and no one had any soft shell crabs to sell! Our hearts were set on soft shell crabs. What were we going to do for dinner? The only thing that would satisfy is soft shell crabs. We had been talking about it the night before and all day yesterday. I Googled seafood places in the area and called around. THANKFULLY Kent Island Crab had soft shell crabs! They were frozen not live.... but at least that was something!

My mom stopped by the local produce stand and picked up tomatoes and corn on the cob to go with the crabs. Earlier in the week we had been there buying the local peaches and boy have those been good!

Dinner turned out to be a success. We fried up the soft shell crabs, steamed the corn on the cob and cut up the fresh tomatoes. I also quenched my thirst with a Samuel Adams Summer Ale. Mmmmmm!! Nothing like a yummy locally grown dinner to satisfy hunger and cravings.

Picture really doesn't do justice to how wonderful it tasted!

For dessert my mom whipped up a yummy peach tart that was simply fabulous.

Hungry yet?


  1. Just moved to Damascus, Maryland in November and still haven't tried MD crab soup. Shame on me! Enjoyed the post. Found you through the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

  2. Welcome to MD!

    MD crab soup can be really good or really bad depending on where you get it from.

    Ask around where you should get it before you decide to try it! I've had really awesome soup and I've had soup that seemed to be veggie soup with small pieces of crab meat and a whole can of Old Bay tossed in... NOT GOOD.