Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm Happy, I'm Relaxed

This last month or so has been overall stressful when I stop to think about it. Actually, I try not to think about it. I guess I'm not realizing it as its happening but looking at it now I've been on an emotional roller coaster. Between salary cuts at work, a cat whom I dearly love peeing all over my house and making me decided to keep her or not, and several other crazy unforeseen issues I can say my poor stomach has been flip flopping.

I've been trying to make it to the gym on my lunch breaks. When I do make it, I feel a little spring in my step.On my way back from the gym this afternoon it was hot and humid. The big H's of MD...sigh. I was sweating in the gym, cooled down, got dressed and then stepped outside into the steamy MD July weather and walked across campus to get to my building. Not sure what caused this old video to pop into my mind but it made me giggle.


I saw this video many many years ago. It certainly puts a smile on my face. Next time universe throws something on our plate I'll be saying, "I'm happy, I'm Relaxed!" Maybe I should print out a picture of "They Crazy Yoga Guy" and put him on my fridge as an every day reminder!

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