Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vacation Day #3

Friday was Vacation Day #3! I also think it was the best of all the vacation days!

After I dropped off Connor at daycare my mom and I packed it up and went to Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis and rented ourselves a sit-on-top double kayak. The weather was perfect. No humidity, a light breeze and the sunshine was comfortable.

We ventured around the creek to a part that we had not been to yet. We watched people trying out the new Board Paddling they have and all of the nature around us. In one part of the creek we were able to see a blue heron.
Blue Heron at Quiet Waters Park
When our hour was close to being up we had to paddle against the lovely breeze and current that we caught to the other side of the creek. What a workout... Both of us had thought about packing a change of clothes for the kayaking trip BUT neither of us did. My mom did fine BUT by the time I got out of the kayak I had a soaked rear end.

After we got back to the car my mom and I decided we should go to lunch at the Severn Inn ( It was BEAUTIFUL and the food was FABULOUS! My mom had one of the best tasting crab cakes I've ever sampled and I had fish tacos for the first time. It was alllllll tasty. They also served our iced teas in fancy mini pitchers for each of us. All too fancy for my soaked rear end....
After Lunch at the Severn Inn
After lunch we ventured back to Severna Park and did some more shopping at Dress Barn. This Dress Barn had a Petite section and my mom was able to find some shirts for herself AND one for me too! We also ventured to Famous Footwear and a few other stores.

The day wouldn't be complete without a brow wax so we stopped on our way home. Nothing like getting your brows done with you momma while on vacation!
After dinner my mom and I took Connor to Ft. Smallwood Park (yes...we got our fill in of the outdoors while we could) and Bill and Kevin went to hit some golf balls at the driving range. The park was A LOT of fun. Connor had a blast running up and down ramps and going down the slides. It took him a little bit to warm up to the slides but he was soon enough venturing up by himself and coming down the slide by himself. He had so much fun he didn't want to leave and for the first time threw a tantrum leaving the park.

Diva stealing kisses at the park
After the trip to the park and Bill and Kevin came home we had a game night. The four of us enjoyed some beer, wine and tequila and played Tick and Hearts.

Vacation Day #3 was pretty much the best day I've had in a looooooooooooooooooong time. Life is good!

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