Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Momma's Helper

We have ourselves an extra set of hands to help with dishes!

I was trying to wash dishes after dinner last night and Connor just begged and begged to be picked up so he could see the water running. I picked him up and he played a little bit in the water. My arms were getting tired and I knew he would throw a fit if he I put him down so I grabbed the step stool. I also grabbed a new sponge and handed to him. Next I handed him one of the plastic cups that were in the sink. He watched me wash another cup that was in the sink and he went to town trying to wash the cup I had handed him.

He put the sponge under the water then into the cup. Over and over and over and over! He could barely reach over the counter into the sink but that little boy was on a mission. My mom and step dad had to pack him up and take him for a walk around the neighborhood so I could finish up the dishes! Once done I hid the sponges and step stool so he wouldn't be reminded when they got back from the walk.

When they got home he went into the kitchen once to see if I would follow. Thankfully it only took me saying, "No, we're done with the dishes," and he moved his interest elsewhere.

Pictures will follow soon!

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