Friday, July 29, 2011

Public Restroom + Angry Birds = WTF?!

I work at a community college and have to share the restroom with college students. When I first started here it totally grossed me out. College students can be down right gross in the bathroom in regards to washing their hands (or lack there of) and cleaning up after themselves when needed. I was a college student and I don't recall being this gross. I will admit to skipping a few hand washings here or there but I made sure that stall was as clean as it was when I entered it. COMMON BATHROOM CURIOSITY. Anyway... that's not what this post is about. I just wanted to fill you in on my usual issues with these public restrooms.

After lunch today I had to use the ladies room. I enter and notice someone is in the end stall so I took the first stall (there are four stalls). I'm doing my business and I hear.... "Waaaaahhhhh CRASH!" Total Angry Birds sound. I continue to hear it until I'm done. I wash my hands and dry them. On my way out the door I hear one final "Waaaaaaaaaahhh CRASH".

One the way back to my office I start thinking about how smart phones and technology in general are with us ALL the time. We check emails on the toilet, we text message people while we're driving, we play games if we are waiting on something even if its just a minute or two. We've trained ourselves to be constantly connected at all times. We need to have our brain stimulated at all times.

I was excited to get my pager in high school. I was excited to get my first prepaid cell phone. I was excited to get my first contract cell phone. I was excited to get my first cell that texted. I was excited to get my first cell that connected to the web. I was EXTREMELY excited to get my first smart phone.

My first smart phone came at a great time for me. I was getting ready to have Connor and I knew my days of using my laptop were numbered. The smart phone kept me in touch with what was going on without having to turn on my computer or open my laptop. BONUS! BUT now I find myself tired of being connected ALL THE TIME.

When I got emails my phone used to make a noise that notified me. I have recently turned it off because I would be talking to someone, it would make the noise and the person would immediately stop talking expecting me to look at my phone and interrupt the conversation. Since when should an email interrupt good conversation. I turned off the noise notification two weeks ago. I LOVE IT. I only get a blinking light to notify me and icon on my status bar. I may turn those off as well.

Social Networking will never go away. We've all come to terms with it, businesses are now using it for marketing and advertising runs rapid through the internet. There's nothing wrong with it BUT I fast see our lives being forever "CONNECTED". I am however kind of overwhelmed at knowing what all my friends are seeing, feeling, and doing all at once. Maybe I'm getting old...

Gone are the days when I used to think man I wonder if Lindsey is home so I can go over and hang out. Now all I have to do is send an email, check Facebook/Twitter or send a text. I don't even have to have a physical conversation. Its kind of scary.

I guess after being SO connected I'm ready for a step back for a while. A break for being able to know everything at a moment's notice. Not giving up the cell phone BUT beginning to leave it in my purse when I get home from work.


  1. bahaha ok hearing the angry birds noises wile in the bathroom, thats just fantastic. but i agree with being tired of being connected to everyone ALL THE TIME. specially with me being home all day my laptop is almost always open, and everyone knows i always have my phone on me during the day.
    with andy leaving soon im starting to put time with him above anything else. i put my phone on slient after dinner and don't turn the ringer back on until after my morning workout the next day. it seems like just a little thing but its made a HUGE change in our "us" time.

  2. I have recently felt the weight of being connected all the time. Especially when you're a stay at home mom and have kids on you all the time. You just want to pull the pull and have no one know what you are doing for 5 minutes or have to worry about what anyone else is doing. I spent a week protesting my phone. I felt like a 2 year old and it felt good.

  3. How true! A friend didn't know her home phone had been broken for 7 days, mobile was flat, panic stations about to erupt and they checked her Facebook. How sad it is that no one took the time to personally see if she was alright.

  4. I tried email notification for all of maybe 3 or 4 days 6 or 7 years ago. I've NEVER had instant email notification on any of my computers, even at work. I don't know how people get anything done with all that pinging and blinking going on!

    I will admit, however, to playing Angry Birds in the bathroom. Though not in public, haha. :-)