Monday, May 7, 2012


We had visitors last week! Diva and G-Bill came to visit last week. We had a great time this trip and Connor LOVED having them visit.

I was able to take off work on Monday and Friday so my mom and I had two full days to go and do as we pleased while Connor was in daycare. Connor was also home sick with a fever on Wednesday so we had some extra time with the grandparents as well.

Monday, Diva and I ventured to Bedazzled in downtown Baltimore and then made our way up to The Owl Bar for lunch. Diva bought me two cute owl beads to make earrings out of. As soon as I'm done this blog I'm going to put them together...... we'll see... I just yawned.

During the week we played games, blew bubbles, went for walks down to the beach and played lots and lots and lots and lots of Nertz. By the end of the trip we had our fill of Nertz. Diva was zoning out and my wrist was getting sore and achy.

Friday Diva and I ventured to London Town Gardens in Mayo, MD. It is an old historical town that has archeology sites, old buildings, the William Brown House and beautiful gardens. The William Brown House was pretty interesting and I learned about how they treated poor/mentally crazy people back in the 1800's/early 1900's. From the London Town Gardens website, "In 1828 the Brown House and 10 acres were acquired by Anne Arundel County for use as an Almshouse. It continued operation as the "poor house" until passage of the Welfare Act in 1965. In the 1970s, it became part of the Anne Arundel County parks system." CRAZY!!!

We walked through the gardens even though the we could hear thunder getting closer and closer. There were some beautiful flowers, trees, gazebos and views.... not to mention huge home across the South River. When we started to see lightening we made our way back to the main area, took a few more pics and then hopped in the car right before the rain started coming down. From there we wandered Annapolis mall and grabbed a late lunch before picking Connor up from daycare. It was a very very wonderful day.

Saturday I participated in the Fiesta 5k and then came home to relax. Saturday evening Diva, Connor and I went out for pizza and then headed over to Down's Park for some outside time with Connor. We stopped by the turtle pond and saw how huge the turtles were BUT we didn't have any food to throw over to them. Soooooooooo Sunday we came back with all the left over rolls from Monday's dinner and they had QUITE the feast.

Sunday evening came way too fast and I found myself driving them to the airport with a heavy heart. Sigh.... there's just NEVER enough time. This trip didn't FLY by but it sure wasn't long enough.

Enjoy our pics!

Learning how to use the iPad
On our way to London Gardens... doggy riding in style....
The cooking house at London Town Gardens
My fav spot at the gardens
Pretty cool!
Love it!
At the neighborhood beach :)
Connor was here so was G-Bill...
Connor's first snowball with Diva

At the park... it's allllllll his.....


  1. Aloha,
    Following ya from bloggy moms and loving the magical pics of your visit with family. We're riding the wave of life at and I'd love it if you joined us.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I started following you last month from the blog hop! :)