Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Still catching up from my time away from blogging. In the time that I was gone we went to the Riviera Beach Carnival. We went last year with Connor and he did ok. He didn't really understand what was going on but he enjoyed getting on rides with mommy and daddy and playing the ducky game.

The Riviera Beach Carnival
This year... was different. Since the carnival was in direct sight of us when leaving our neighborhood and coming home, Connor could see the top of the Ferris Wheel and kept asking me, "What's that?" He was very excited when he asked and we told him AND he got to ride it.

We ventured over to the Carnival with some the Dena's Finest of Pasadena's local neighbors. We dropped 20 bucks on tickets and brought our son much happiness that evening. The first ride was of course the Ferris Wheel. He watched as he waited for his turn to ride and started to tantrum off and on because of the excitement.

Once on the ride, his face lit up as we went AROUND and AROUND and AROUND. He absolutely LOVED it. I totally love it when we can make his face light up and see him experiencing things for the first time. Yes... we went on the Ferris Wheel last year... but he doesn't remember it so it's like the first time.

On the Ferris Wheel

From there Connor got on his first ride ALL.BY.HIMSELF. OMG. It was the Alligator ride. He walked right up to his Alligator, let me put him in, buckle him in and walk away. My inner mommy was sad that he was growing up to be such a big boy and then all at the same time my heart was melting with seeing the excitement on his face. Being a mom is totally tough on the emotions!

Riding an Alligator named "Fred"
After the Alligator ride, Connor and I went on this car ride that is bumpy and attached to a train track. Not my idea of fun and made me feel kinda sick but his little face was just as happy as can be!

Riding Jalopy Junction.

Me wanting to barf and Connor doing the jig.
We ventured over to the games and let Connor pick some duckies and win a prize. After a while we circled back and let him play again. We were able to trade in our small prize for a big prize. Connor picked out a stuffed animal cow and named him Steven.

Before leaving, Connor and I rode the Merry-Go-Round. Last year we rode this and he had a complete meltdown at the end because he didn't understand that his turn was over. This year... it went much smoother. He rode it, loved it and then got right off like a big boy.

More going around and around and around.

This was such a great trip for him that the rest of the week whenever we drove by it, Connor pointed out the "Carminal" and told me he rode the purple one. Hot damn he has a good memory because we DID ride in the purple cart on the Ferris Wheel!! After it was packed up and gone, he noticed right away and asked me where it went! I told him the Carnival had to pack it up and move to the next fun place. He replied, "Oh ok, Mommy. I like the Carminal." Ahhhhhhhhhhhh what a wonderful child. <3


  1. I am glad that you had a wonderful time, I am also glad because my daughters are now old enough to be going without me on the Merry-Go-Round!

  2. That sounds so fun! I love the face he is making in the alligator picture :)

  3. Some gorgeous photos to go with the memories you are making.

  4. What a cute post!...and cute kid!! Carnivals know how to attract kids, I agree. We can never hide one from Noah, but thank God the hubby is patient and always willing to be the one to take him, hehehehe..... ;-))