Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mother's Day... Finally

Finally gonna tell you about Mother's day weekend! Better late than never I always say :)

That Saturday morning was Connor's last day of gymnastics. Kevin and I both went in hopes that he'd be up for playing and following directions. He did pretty good and we got some cute pics. He wasn't a fan of the mat exercises but he walked the balance beam, hung from the bars and ran/jumped on the mat like a pro that day. Kevin and I were super happy he enjoyed himself.

Walking the balance beam with Mommy
Cheesin it up waiting for the hanging bars
From there Connor and I were going to hop in the car and drive an hour and a half up to Elkton to visit family. Kevin stayed at the house since he was on call for work but Connor and I had a nice drive up 95 in the new car. Connor didn't get antsy until the last 15min on 95. He started begging me to get out of his seat and come sit next to me. :)

We spent the afternoon in Elkton playing inside, outside, eating lunch and visiting my Aunt and Uncle's Garden Center. Afterward we packed it up and drove back home. Connor napped allllllllllllllll the way back home. I drove with the music up and the sun roof open. I came home to find that Kevin did a ton of yard work, the dishes AND started laundry. He also ran out and got me my Mother's Day flowers.

Checking out the trees in Elkton
Mother's Day morning I woke to a pancake breakfast made by Kevin and it was yummy. After breakfast I opened my cards and we relaxed until it was time to go to Kevin's mom's house for lunch. Lunch was nice. We enjoyed yummy sandwiches, mac n cheese, cantaloupe, strawberries and a yummy dessert. We left with just enough time to get us home in time for nap time.

During nap time Kevin and I watched a movie from his very large collection of movies (I'll have blog about that at another time). The movie was longer than we anticipated and Connor just kept on sleeping. The next thing we knew the movie was ending, Connor was just waking up and it was 5pm!!! We threw together/packed up a picnic and headed off to Ft. Smallwood Park for a picnic. We ate our dinner... We being Kevin and I. Connor was way to distracted to eat his dinner. From there we went to the park. IT WAS CROWDED. I'm guessing everyone had a similar plan to what we were doing for Mother's Day. Our time at the park was spent avoiding children who's parents weren't watching them unfortunately.

Connor started out wanting to be in the swings. When we put him in the swings another little girl's mom had put her in the baby swing next to Connor, gave her three or four pushes and then walked away...... after a few minutes the little girl came to a stop and she started asking Kevin and I over and over and over again for us to push her. I kept telling her that I was playing with my son and her mommy should push her. WHERE WAS HER MOMMY?? It finally came to a point where I just flat out told this sweet little girl that I wasn't going to push her. I felt bad but these days you never know whose parent is going to get pissed at you for trying to help... plus why should I have to step up for this girls mother???

Sigh... ANYWAY. We enjoyed the rest of the time at the playground and then headed off to Kevin's dad's house to visit for a bit. From there we ventured home, it was getting to be almost bed time, Connor STILL needed a bath and we STILL needed to Skype with my mom. We tried Skyping with my mom on my new MacBook Air that I had JUST got but since my connection kept dropping in and out we couldn't have a decent conversation. Sooooooo I tossed Connor in the tub and then into bed with just enough time left to relax before my bed time.

My flowers and cards
Woman of the hour :)
The reason I'm mommy and the man I love :)
At the playground!

Soooo Mother's day weekend was jam packed, busy but very memorable and lovely. It took me most of the next week to get caught up on everything I didn't do over the weekend but totally worth it.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! (I had pancakes for my MD breakfast also - pancakes in bed with a 2 yr old is not recommended btw)

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