Friday, May 11, 2012

We Are All Mom Enough

To the left here you see the cover of Time Magazine this week. It has stirred up quiet the controversy since being released. Some people don't like the fact that breastfeeding is right in your face for shock value, some people don't like how the mother looks more tough than motherly, and some people just don't like it without a good reason.

BUT for me............ its none of that. I won't lie...when I first saw it I thought, "WOW that's a little awkward." and then I thought it was pretty awesome that breastfeeding was getting that kind of attention. What I don't like is, "Are you Mom Enough?" I mean seriously?!?!?! The whole statement makes every mom that sees it doubt themselves as a mother or come up with excuses and reasons for why they do what they do. Gee.... Here's some Happy Mother's Day with a side of guilt and regret. No thank you!! I'm proud of how I parent and don't need to give excuses/reasons for doing what I do and neither does anyone else!

I did like enjoy the interview with the mom Jamie Lynne Grumet on the cover of the magazine (read the article here). She wasn't preachy or condescending to those who don't do what she does/did and is very down to earth. Its just the headline that drives me batty. 

The headline just feeds the judgment that gets passed back an forth from mother to mother about how they are parenting. WHO CARES!!! In my book I don't care what "type" of parenting you follow... just snuggle your kid and make sure he's has food in his belly and is happy as he can be. If you do that.... then switch those two first words around and get rid of the question mark...YOU ARE MOM ENOUGH. Instead of doubting ourselves or judging others we need to be a support system for each other. We are all moms. We all know how exhausting and tiresome it can bed. We all know the greatness it is to be mom. We all know the rewards of being mom. So why must we tear each other down.

Happy Early Mother's Day to allllllll the mom's who are doing what they are doing and getting along just fine. Remember.... YOU ARE MOM ENOUGH. The next mother you see juggling her kids out and about stop and tell her, "You are mom enough."


  1. AMEN sista! I hope we can continue to support each other. It may not be for everyone but let's not judge. My daughter is almost 2 1/2 and we are still nursing. I had no intention of doing it this long but she obviously loves it and its good for her so whatever. We all parent differently and bottom line is what's best for our child and what works for us

  2. As a mum I am doing what I can. This doesn't include breastfeeding any more but it does include waking up far too early!

  3. Love this post! I had planned on blogging about this yesterday but then didn't - I hadn't yet worked out WHAT I felt about it! You nailed it, though. And like Silly Mami above me, Sophie is nearer to 2 1/2 than 2 and still nursing once or twice a day. It wasn't my original plan, but it works. Whenever she's sick and won't eat or drink anything else I'm thankful I haven't yet pressed the weaning issue.

  4. The issue isn't about her on the cover's about her son is 4 years old and still being breast-fed. TIME is sparking conversation about what age should breast-feeding end at.