Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sand and Water

This weekend it was a little too hot to go out to the park or the beach to play. The sun was beating down mid day and the humidity was awful. To get some outside play time in I set Connor up with a sand and water play area on our front porch. HE LOVED IT.

Around Christmas time I picked up some water beads from the dollar store. They lived in my car in the bag until it was time to clean out my car when I traded it in for the Mazda...... yes...... bad....... I know. So now that I had them out I've been wanting to play with them. I used one of the packs for flowers for a coworker and had one pack left.

I put a bunch of sand that I picked up at the beach the last time we were there and put it in a shoe box. I pulled out some sea shells from mine and Kevin's travels over the years and tossed them in too. Then, in a plastic tupperware container I put in the water beads with some extra water and tossed sea shells in too. I grabbed an extra tupperware container for mixing. We took them out to the front porch in the shade and played with shovels and mixed it all together.

When all was done and it was time to come in for lunch and nap, I packed up the sand and seashells but the water beads looked gross. The were sandy and muddy and just plain yuck. Once Connor was taking his nap I pulled out the pasta strainer and poured the beads in. They rinsed off clean!!!! I just added them back into their original container and added water so they wouldn't dry out. They're ready for next time!!

Enjoy the pics!

Let the games begin!

A rock!!

He LOVED the water beads

He only touched the sand to mix it in the water.

Mixing back and forth

He said, "Feels silly mommy"

Muddy mess

Watching the birds fly by

Alllll clean! Ready for next time!

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  1. It's the little things that little kids love best