Monday, April 23, 2012

There Was a Weekend?

Wow did time fly. The month keeps ticking by and I don't think I'm going to make it a full 30 posts. We've been doing so much meal planning for dinners and lunches that by the time we're done cooking and Connor is in bed its time for other random house chores and I'm done! Who wants to blog after all that!

This weekend just completely flew by. Saturday morning we had gymnastics and Connor was in a foul mood. He insisted on taking his Tonka fire truck with him. No he couldn't leave it at the house or in the car.... he had to take it inside with him. Soooo he for sure did not want to leave it against the wall when it was time for class to start. BUT mommy was mean and made him leave it there. Sooooo the crying continued through stretching and then he refused to do any exercises on the mat or the hanging bars..... HE finally got into the running and jumping exercise. He loves running. Then he continued on the balance beam. So in the end, we got half a class in.

From there I literally came home tossed Connor to Kevin, changed my clothes and ran right back out the door. I was invited to an open house for a re-opening of a center called Serenity. I got to meditate for 30min with like minded people. IT WAS NICE! I get my meditations in here and there but its nice when its not in your bed and with a group of people building the energy up.

I came home and promptly shoved lunch in my face and got ready to go test drive some cars with Kevin. We test drove the Toyota Corolla and the Subaru Impreza. We like both but the Impreza was really the only other car that could compare or match up to the Mazda3 that we drove earlier and liked.

After we got home from car shopping I was done. D-O-N-E DONE. Kevin and I had a mini movie night and watched the Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp. We're in the process of watching all of Kevin's movies in alphabetical order. I'll blog about that later.

Sunday..... We woke up and meandered around the house for the morning. It was raining and dreary out. We vegged on the couch most of the morning.

THEN we ventured over the Beach Bar for lunch for my Step Mother's birthday. The Beach Bar is a local bar that I grew up going to as a kid. They have really great bar food and since MD is smoke free I don't have to think twice about taking Connor (see how I have to explain my actions as a mother for taking my kid to the bar???).

Connor enjoyed time with Pop, Nan, Aunt Vicki, and the Colon's. Especially Madison as she chased him around.

We got home from lunch with just enough time to get Connor into bed for a nap and then I ran out to do our weekly grocery shopping. After that..... I was done for the day. Whew. We ran ourselves ragged!