Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Theory

The Big Bang Theory premiered in 2007. I didn't pay attention when it came out.... never watched it and at that point in my life didn't watch a lot of TV. I watched reruns of different shows... but sit down and watch a show when it actually aired?? NO.

So fast forward to Jan 2nd 2010... Connor was born.... Its LATE LATE at night in the hospital. I'm up. Connor is asleep. Kevin is asleep. My friend was the tiny TV on top of the closet. I had the volume down low so it wouldn't disturb Kevin or Connor and hopefully not distract me enough so I would fall asleep (YEAH RIGHT!). There wasn't much options in regards to channels and the remote that is attached to the bed had fallen on the floor. My ab muscles weren't up for twisting around trying to reach it because of my c-section and Kevin was OUT LIKE A LIGHT. I called him a few times trying to get his attention and he didn't budge. Sooooo I was stuck watching whatever came on and could barely hear. The Big Bang Theory came on......... I tried to watch it. I was exhausted. Couldn't hear. Wasn't in the mood for geeky behavior. It got on my nerves. I really felt like was being tortured!

From that night onward if I ever heard anyone talk about The Big Bang Theory I would voice my disgust for the show. I would say... "Oh that show is soooo stupid".... "I just couldn't get into it".... "Who wants to watch a show about geeks"......

Well.......... two weeks ago when I couldn't sleep due to stress.... The Big Bang Theory was on TBS. I watched it. I chuckled. I giggled. I watched another episode. I chuckled again. I laughed out loud. I watched another episode....... AND NOW I check TBS at night when Connor has gone to bed to see if its on. I'm hooked. I love it!! I've been totally missing out!!! I blame it on postpartum hormones!!! Consider my inner geek in love!


  1. Or, perhaps, just no longer overcome with pain...

    I watched the show for a while and loved it- but have found something else the same time I like better. (Or maybe the newer episodes lacked the pizzazz of the former ones...)

  2. I've never watched it, but I've heard lots of good things about it. That and HIMYM. One of these days I'll have to do a marathon and catch up on them!