Monday, April 16, 2012

Why Do I Blog?!

I'm fast falling behind on the blog challenge!! I went from 1 post behind to several. I've been either super busy, exhausted or without an idea to blog about!

I figured I would pull it together and came up with "Why do I blog?!?!" I mean really.... Its just my random thoughts floating around out there.... my overly cute son doing overly cute things. I'm by no means a super mom who whips up crafts left and right everyday. I'm just your average working momma that tries to keep the house together, the toddler loved and the husband happy - you might get lucky and a wholesome meal gets tossed on the table and the find the TV screen dusted.

I blog to get my ideas down and solidified with the universe, I blog because my family that I don't get to see often knows what is going on with us, I blog because I used to enjoy writing when I was younger, I blog because it's easy, I blog because some of you out there who've never met me enjoy what I write, I blog because I have a super cute kid and I want to share him with the world..... but my main reason for blogging is my sanity. Getting the thoughts out of my head helps with the day to day mundane.


  1. I blog for the same reason: to keep my sanity. I NEED to write like I need food and chocolate and sweet tea ;) I can't always talk things out verbally, but I sure as heck can write it out.