Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Post!

I guess I should be getting around to posting about our Easter weekend before the next weekend sneaks up on us!

We had a fairly easy going weekend. There was some running around, some visiting and some lounging around the house as well.

I posted about the Easter Egg Hunt at the community college. It really was a blast and Connor had a great time. After the hunt it was naptime for Connor, I went grocery shopping and Kevin got ready for his "guys" night out with my dad and friends. Their night out was out to the see an Orioles game.

Meanwhile.... back at the house.... Connor and I snuggled, played and then once he was asleep for the night I put on my bunny ears and put together his basket.

Easter morning Connor remembered that the "bunnies" were coming and leaving him eggs. We rushed out to the living room and he found his basket. In the basket was The Brave Little Toaster movie on dvd. We popped it in and enjoyed an Easter morning movie.

After naptime we headed over to my dad's house for some Easter dinner and another Easter Egg Hunt. We over ate, ran Connor out of energy and enjoyed family time.

Enjoy our photos :)

Dying eggs before the hunt at the college

Family Photo Op!

Waiting for the hunt to start!

Lots of Eggs!

Lots and Lots of Eggs

Happy Easter!

Throwing the ball on the roof and watching it roll back

Egg Hunt at Pops!

RUNNING! He loves to run!

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