Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Hunt

Finding eggs like its his job!
We went to an Easter Egg Hunt today at the Community College. It was surprisingly more fun than stressful! They had painting and sticker crafts, games, an Easter Bunny (that we stayed far away from) and the Egg Hunt. They also gave him a basket with a coloring book, bunny ears (he refused to wear), a pencil and bubbles!

I really think they did it right.... they split the hunts up into age groups and the youngest group got to go first (us!). I was concerned about how long it would take for us to go because the Hunt started at 1pm and Connor's nap time is 1:30-2pm.

We got there early to register and then we did a painting craft. A short 5min later and Connor was over the crafty business. We entertained him as best as we could and then headed for the big Hunt!

Connor's age group (I think 0-3) wasn't that big and they had a rule that only one parent could be with one child on the grass at a time. They also had to remind everyone that this was for the children.....

When they said "GO" I pointed an egg out to Connor and showed him he had to put it in the basket. After that.... he was on a mission. FIND EGGS. PUT IN BASKET. FIND MORE EGGS. This kid had spidey senses for eggs. He just intuitively knew where they were and what to do about it. His bucket was more than half full before we stopped.

On the way home he insisted that he hold his bucket of eggs. One by one he opened them up and one by one it held candy he couldn't eat. Laffy Taffy, Jaw Breakers, Sweet Tarts, Now and Laters and Gum! How do you explain to a 2yr old that he can't eat what's inside of his prizes?! I tried giving him a Sweet Tart and he just held it in his mouth with a gross face and then gave it back to me (thanks....). I'm guess that killed any ambition of him wanting the rest. I told him when the Easter Bunny comes to our house he'll bring eggs with stuff he can actually eat inside. More pics to come when I do the whole Easter weekend wrap up!

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  1. I'm catching up on some of your blogs Amanda. This is great! Thanks for sharing this! Angelo would have tried to eat the candy. Not so sure about Cassie.