Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Waffle Maker Fun

Before leaving on my AZ trip I was doing research on (aka googling) processed food and weaning them out of our diet as Connor was having major stomach issues. Then I was reading articles on food dyes and how they are banned in some countries and yet the good old U.S.A. allows them.

That got me thinking about food stuff I've never really paid attention too. I looked at the waffles that Connor eats almost every morning for breakfast with fruit. BOOM... red dye and blue dye. I looked at french toast sticks I had bought him for a while and BOOM.... yellow dye. I kept looking and and looking at everything in the freezer aisle. Package after package had food dye and other random stuff in it. Now... I grew up on Eggos and Toaster Strudels and turned out just fine. I also grew up on Apple Jacks and Fruit Loops... yep... that's me... just fine. Well mostly... I do have funky stomach issues to deal with off and on.

The only waffles I could find that were "all natural" were the waffles that stated natural/gluten free. That's great... but there's only 6 in a box and cost just as much if not more than the other brand of waffles I had been buying.

So.... I go out to AZ with all this turning around and around in my head. When Connor was a baby and starting on solids I made all his baby food. Jarred food did not come into our house. Why? Well it grossed me out and if I could just take the time in making it why spend money on jarred food? I also made batches of pancakes and french toast to freeze and grab for his breakfast. At some point... Connor got hooked on waffles and it was easier for me to just buy them then make up batches of the other stuff.

I talked these thoughts out with my mom during my trip and before I left she actually gave me money for half of a really nice waffle maker. As soon as I got home I ordered it and it was in our house in no time. So here I had this awesome, shiny, brand spanking new waffle maker... what do I do with it??? I've never made waffles before!!!!!

I tracked down a quick recipe online (god I love the internet) and swapped flour for gluten-free flour, added flax meal, used coconut milk rather then regular milk and then tossed some strawberries in the food processor and added them to the mix. WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOW were they good.

So as the next couple of weeks went by I got to thinking.... French toast on a waffle maker? Why not? Grilled cheese on a waffle maker? Why not? And yes everyone reading... you can make french toast waffles and grilled cheese waffles!!!

I just whipped up my standard french toast egg mixture, dipped the bread and tossed it on the waffle maker. YUM! Connor tore those up. For the grilled cheese I just made the them like I would for the griddle but put them on the waffle maker instead. Connor tore those up too.

What didn't Connor like? He isn't a fan of the waffles! I've tried all sorts of different things since my first batch but I think he's partial to the red dots from old strawberry waffles and told my aunt at one point he wanted her to take the brown off of his waffles... I guess he's used to the yellow coloring? UGH. At least its a start.


  1. You're making me hungry :-(( I'm on my fasting day today (doing the Fast Diet) and these pictures make me want to bite my laptop screen!

  2. What would we do without Google? Great, I am hungry now. Kids are fussy. My daughter never wants to eat the 'brown bits' nightmare...