Friday, April 5, 2013

Goodbye Winter

I cannot tell you how happy I am to say goodbye to winter. I know most of us are but man oh man did the Sachs house have a rough long winter. This winter left me down, out of the count, burnt out, stressed out and with all sorts of not being able to sleep. What was the cause? Cold weather? Lots of snow? Change of weather depression??? No. A stomach bug. A ridiculous stomach that would not leave our little boy alone!

From the last week of January to the first week of March, Connor was having digestive issues at least once a week. There is nothing more awful than guessing if your kid is actually better and waiting for shit (or throw up for that matter) to hit the fan. Toward the end I was loosing my mind. I was missing a lot of work and falling behind, not sleeping because every time Connor sighed, whined or rolled over in his sleep I'd jolt awake thinking he was going to be sick. This was new territory for our family. As the 4 to 6 day mark of being sick free crept closer and closer I worried more and more waiting for the impending doom. It sucked. Bad.

Thankfully I can say that with the Spring that is slowly starting to show its face and bring us hope the stomach issues have left my son (***KNOCK ON WOOD***).

So here we are. I haven't blogged in over a month. I really lost sight of myself as we dealt with what was being thrown at us this winter. I'm back, rested, and have found the part of myself that isn't just mommy.

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