Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Greatest Show on Earth

The circus came in town and at the last minute Kev and I decided to take Connor. I'm NOT a HUGE circus fan but felt I couldn't deny my son the experience just because I'm not a fan.... well maybe... not gonna lie... I thought about it.

Connor loved it. At one point when the lights went low and the music got quiet he yelled, "The circus is awesome!" Sometimes I thought he was more interested in the light up spinning toy we bought him but his favorite was the motorcycles in the big round cage. At that point he had moved to my lap due to sleepiness setting in but as soon as those motorcycles hit the ring... boy oh boy did he light up.

All in all it was a good trip. With Connor being 3 years old there were some tears and tantrums but all minor. I think next year he'll understand more of what to expect so the nervous tantrums won't even show. But this year, he was enthralled with the whole experience.

For the last week Connor has now been asking us over and over about what was our favorite parts and then we have to ask him his favorite parts. He's also been telling me that I sat in seat one, he sat in seat two and daddy sat in seat three. He remembers the Moon Bounce down in the ring I wouldn't let him in (it was crazy crowded with kids and my wallet was up with Kevin). He remembers the clowns, the elephants and MOTORCYCLES. We might have started him on something.....


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