Sunday, April 7, 2013

And Then... It Was Gone

So I started running again in AZ. Then when I came home I was no longer stress eating so I started eating better. I felt great. I could feel my pants fitting better. I had energy. Little did I know my fingers were getting thinner too.

Then it happened.... some time between walking from my office to picking up Connor from daycare and putting him in the car.... my wedding rings fell off. BOTH! My engagement ring and my wedding ring are sodded together. We've looked all over this week. I had myself a good cry and let myself be sad and grumpy over it too.

I know its just a ring.... but its MY ring. My perfect rings. When Kev and I got engaged we were in our early 20's. We didn't make a lot of money and so my ring was modest, perfect and not a huge flashy rock on my finger. I loved my rings and what they represented to us as a couple. Sigh.

We're doing a through cleaning of my car this weekend. Beyond that... they're gone.

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