Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Routine

Saturday morning I woke up at an ungodly hour to get my parents to the airport. This was a good thing though. It got me out of bed, dressed and out the door with no other option to drive myself to the farmer's market once I was done at the airport. Usually, on Saturdays I don't sleep in anyway because its my morning to get up with Connor. BUT even then its hard to get rolling on a new routine with a toddler under your feet... its soooooooooo much easier to just stay in your pj's after spending the week packing us up and running out the door each morning.

So here I was pulling into the Anne Arundel County Farmer's Market at 7am. Apparently, I was ahead of the game. Everyone was still setting up and I'm pretty sure I missed out on venders that hadn't shown up by the time I left. This really wasn't a bad thing per say. I really didn't know what to expect and now I know that I don't really have to show up until 8am if I want to get there early and knock out the trip at the beginning of the day.

So here I was... wandering around, not really knowing what to expect. I had cash on me (I NEVER carry cash on me) and my little tote bag to put veggies in. I got me some greens and green onions from one place, cheese made from raw milk at another place, fresh eggs (never had them before... why not try it out) from another, radishes from someone else (embarrassingly had to ask them to make sure it was a radish like I thought), and summer squash from another farmer. I was surprised about the summer squash but he said they have been taking off in his green house.

Not that I expected anything different, but everyone was super nice and thankful. What a great way to start off your weekend morning! Really though, I spend all week trekking back and forth from home to work with toddler in toe. We get stuck in traffic, or the toddler is cranky, or I'm cranky, or we're all just so busy that I feel some days would be better spent if they sped by fast to get them over with. Slowing down and appreciating those providing to you in your community and having them appreciate you helps calm that irritation building up as you're stuck in traffic later in the week.

I got home and looked in our fridge. It was a mess. I mean a total hot mess. Tupperware growing experiments with our left overs, questionable veggies and fruit in the bins, spills that didn't get cleaned up right away and you just couldn't tell what all we had. No wonder everything seems to get thrown out! No wonder I don't want to pack my lunch in the morning! No wonder I have zero desire to cook when I get home from work! Long story short... I made that fridge my B-I-T-C-H and its is clean and organized.

The whole experience and starting this new routine has me excited for this coming up Saturday as I see our produce get eaten up (and not thrown out!). Of course I supplemented at the grocery store with other veggies we needed/wanted that I didn't get at the market but its still Spring and we're only just now getting warm weather. I can't wait till our options grow and grow!

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