Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break

So how did I recover from all the stress of winter? I ran away. Well not really. The vacation was already planned before our crazy winter started. BUT.... I don't think I ever looked forward to getting away and just being gone before. I got on that airplane with zero mom guilt for leaving my kid. I was ready to fly away. Far away.

I flew to the one place where I would be taken care of and lifted up by a person who loves me dearly..... I flew to AZ and saw my momma (will Bill too!). If there is one person that can bring me back down to earth its my mom (Kev too but he needed to watch Connor so I could run away).

I spent five wonderful days in warm Arizona. I slept a lot, I read a lot, and I laughed a lot. We made bracelets, got facials, dyed scarves, went for walks, started running again, cooked wonderful food, ate wonderful food out and about, and went to the zoo. Not once did I have to worry about a diaper, a runny nose or what was for dinner. Kev was home handling all that so I could clear my mind.

The last two days of my trip I skyped so I could see Connor and he could get a mommy fix. I came home missing my boys and feeling back to myself. I'm a better mommy, wife, employee, friend and me for "running away". A big thanks to my Mom and Bill for taking me in and spoiling me rotten.

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