Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Library Visits

This week's books
Connor and I had our third trip to the library last night. We've been going on Tuesday evenings for the 7pm Story Time. I found myself at work excited for the evening ahead of us yesterday. I don't know why it surprised me as I'm a lover of reading myself but I am truly getting excited on library days for Connor.

We get there a little bit before Story Time and I check to see if there are any books available that I put on hold for him and then we head over to the Children's section. Connor likes to grab a basket and put books into it to read. We read books until Story Time and then afterward we go back and read a few more books. Before we head out the door I let him pick out two movies for the week.

I'm thinking the main reason I'm liking library nights so much is because its giving us new books to read at bed time and a new assortment of movies to watch throughout the week. All this new variety in our lives and no money spent!

And boy have times changed in regards to checking out books from what I remember. Connor checked out 4 books last night and 2 movies. I was concerned that he may have hit his max on checking out items and might not be able to check anything out when he went with daycare the next day. I asked what the limit was on checking out books and she said.................."99 books!!" I almost fell over.... 99 BOOKS! That right there would cause me some fines from the library for sure.

I usually try to pick up a new Dr. Seuss book that we haven't read yet (they can get looooooong and man he had quite the imagination) and then Connor picks out a few books. Last week he picked out Pippin by Gerard Moncomble and I really enjoyed it! It talks about how Pippin is a kitten and likes to go at his own speed. His mother is always in a rush and he secretly calls her "HurryMama". His father is always putting things off and he secretly calls him "LaterPapa". There is a concern that Pippin hasn't started purring yet. Its not until "HurryMama" and "LaterPapa" slow down and put him first that Pippin starts to purr. It spoke to me because I am certain that Connor is probably secretly calling me "HurryMama"!! I swear if we're going anywhere I know I'm rushing him all over.

Looking forward to next week! What are some Children's books we should look into picking up?

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  1. My personal fav is 'The Tiger Who came For Tea' Have you read it yet?