Thursday, February 7, 2013

Longer Days

It's happened! Shhhh... don't say anything... we might jinx it..... I've been noticing the sun is up just a tad longer than in the past month.

Evidence: I'm still using my sun glasses on the way home from picking up Connor from daycare, I don't have to turn on my headlights RIGHT AFTER leaving work, the sun is still smiling at us if only for an extra minute or two when we pull into the drive way.

I was feeling the stir about two weeks ago. My insides were noticing that extra minute of daytime and taking it in. Then Connor said something last week when we got home, "What is the sun still doing awake?" He's feeling it too.... Shhhh don't tell mother nature... it might be too good to be true.

December into January is one of my least favorite times of the year. You wouldn't think that as in those months is my birthday, Christmas, New Years and then Connor's birthday. I'm pushing through those SHORT days as best as I can knowing that by the end of January the days seem to get longer each day... just an extra minute or two but longer none the less.

The feeling is refreshing even though there are many cold days ahead of us. Hold on though... Spring is just a few cold weeks away.

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  1. I've been feeling it too...just the bit of extra daylight is uplifting! And I have begun to plan my flowerbed. Always a good sign for me...