Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tastefully Simple Tuesday

This week I'm going to talk about a sauce mix that I have never tried up until this week, Mama Mia Marinara Sauce Mix.

I ordered myself a sample when I first started selling Tastefully Simple but have yet to try it. I kept forgetting that it was there and well.... our family is a Prego family. It works for us and tastes good.

The picture to left had me thinking it came in a jar with the tomato sauce. Imagine my surprise when it was spices in the little sample pack! Score! I love spices. So many uses in one little packet!

So last Wednesday it was just Connor and I grocery shopping and getting stuff for the rest of the week. I realized I had no idea what we were going to do for dinner when we got home. I picked up a pizza making kit. Fast and easy. Done.

Well..... as we were putting the sauce on the pizza I looked over and the sample packet caught my eye. We spread out the sauce and then I sprinkled the Mama Mia Marinara Sauce mix over the pizza sauce. Then we put the cheese on the pizza and I did one last sprinkle of the sauce mix over the cheese.

It gave what is normally (to me) a bland cheese pizza a bit of a kick and flavor. I was impressed.

Homemade pizza kit with Mama Mia Marinara Sauce Mix
THEN this weekend I was making grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. I like to fancy up my grilled cheese sandwiches a bit. I was spreading butter on the bread in preparation for the pan and the left over sample packet caught my eye. I sprinkled some of the sauce mix over the buttered slices of break and then cooked the sandwiches. The mix cooked right into the bread. It was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing.

Grilled cheese sandwiches with Mama Mia Marinara Sauce Mix
I'm coming up with so many different ideas for this sauce mix and I haven't even tried it in a marinara sauce yet! I made sure I placed myself an order of the whole container last week! Next on the Mama Mia adventure is meatloaf!

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