Thursday, January 24, 2013

Leaps and Bounds

We had Connor's 3 year old Well Visit this morning. He turned 3 the begining of this month but due to being sick he couldn't get to his Well Visit until... he was well!

He got a doctor's kit for Christmas and has spent a lot of time giving us check ups and we've spent a lot of time giving him check ups. Good thing, so he knows what to expect.

He fought us on the hearing test but passed the vision test. He's such a character with people it blows me away. He's trusting, silly and can make almost anyone laugh.

The doc said he's pretty much average, healthy and one happy little boy. Connor left the office with two Lightening McQueen stickers and a lollipop. Life was good.

Where did my baby go? He's growing up month to month with learning new things by leaps and bounds. He's asserting his independence more and more. Doing things on his own, not wanting help. Soon he'll be too busy for snuggles and books before bed.... then what do I do? Facebook stalk him? Twitter Feed watch him? Endorse him on Linkedin. Sigh.... so not ready for him let go of my hand. Thankfully we're not quite there yet.

Edit.... His height is 36.5inches... not 3.5ft. Totally heard the nurse wrong!

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