Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Encouraging Reading

Yesterday I took Connor to the library to get his first library card. I was super excited and imagined us picking out books together and reading and talking about what we were reading.... how it really went....

In the car on the way to the library
Me: Connor, when we get inside we have to be quiet. We have to be quiet in the library.
Connor (whispering): Ok.

He whispered alllll the way there. As soon as we got into the library. Lots of loud talking and noise came spewing out of his mouth while we took care of paper work for his card. He also had lots of fun swinging the ropes that help define the lines back and forth and back and forth. Sigh.....

So we get the card, the Librarian hands Connor a sticker and we head over to the children's section.

Me: Connor why don't you pick out a book?
Connor: Um, no thanks.
Me: You don't want to read a book?
Connor: Yes.
Me: Then pick one out.
Connor: No you do it.

Sigh.... eventually he picked out a book and we read it before he got distracted by the table with the bendy wire that you can push beads around on it.

While he played I walked around and picked out two books to go home with us.

Me: Connor do you want to read another book?
Connor: Yes.
Me: Pick one out.
Connor: Um, no thanks. You do it.
Me: No. If you want a book you pick it out.

He picked out another one. We read it and added it to the take home pile. He proudly carried his books up to the front desk while yelling, "Hey lady! Scan my books and card." Sigh....

He sure is proud of that library card though!

"Shhh... quiet mommy we're in the library."


  1. As a parent, isn't it fun? As a teacher, Thank you! for introducing him to the library and books.

    1. Oh its TOTALLY fun ;)

      This kid loves to read and I'm starting to get tired of reading his same favorites over and over again. I figured he could pick out a few books every week to keep it mixed up!!

  2. As a parent, this is the most wonderful gift! I remember a similar story my sister narrated to me when she took her son to the library for the first time!

    1. Yes! And not only can we borrow books but movies too. That totally helps mix up movie night in our house without costing us any $$

  3. So funny how he is all serious whispers until the moment he actually sets foot in the library. So cute! :-)

    1. He's a hot mess. He also kept telling me to be quiet while we were in there!

  4. I love this post! I'll bet he'll always have a love for getting books from the library. Well done!

  5. He is adorable! I find it very cute that he lets you choose. It will not be the same in a few years, so enjoy it !

  6. Hahaha! With kids, nothing ever really goes exactly as planned. Cute!