Friday, October 19, 2012

Beautiful Fall

Beautiful fall is upon us. Football is back in season, Baltimore got to experience October baseball,  the cool weather is around every morning and most of the day, wonderful colors in the trees, my open toed shoes have been put away, I bought my first huge pack of apples and made apple sauce, and I'm already planning on cooking my first batch of chili for the season very very soon. The Renaissance Festival / camping trip has come and gone. We've hit up the pumpkin patch and now Halloween is right around the corner. Next thing you know Thanksgiving will be knocking at our door! Slow down Amanda, slow down.

Our busy fall season is surrounding us! We've been doing soooo much and having soooo much fun that well... again I fell off the blogging bandwagon. If I could just hang on when we get busy!!!

So what have we done since Labor Day? Hmm... I went to a Ravens game with my dad, I took Connor to a movie under the stars, we went to a horse appreciation day event in our area, completed our annual camping and Renaissance festival trip, Kevin and I went away and celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary and my mom and I took Connor to the pumpkin patch.

Since Labor day I also completed my four credit eight week Javascript class that seemed to suck the life out of my evenings between reading, homework and quizzes. Totally thankful that is over and I walked away with a 90/89%

Next couple of days I'll do a post for each big thing that has come our way this fall! Stay tuned!

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