Saturday, October 20, 2012

Horse Appreciation Day

The day after Movie Under the Stars we (Lindsey, Hunter, Connor and myself) ventured over to Dublin's farm for Horse Appreciation Day. It was perfect weather, felt like a gorgeous fall day and Connor was having a melt down over almost everything single thing. At least the pictures make him look super happy.

Before leaving the house Connor looked so cute and the weather was so nice we decided to do an impromptu photo shoot. He's such a ham these days.

We took a look at the horses when we got there and then headed over to the pony rides. Connor had a blast riding the ponies. From there we stopped by the ambulance that Lake Shore Fire Department had for the kids to get in and look at. Connor did not want to get out. He was fascinated.... future EMT on our hands? Maybe....

From there we saw and pet a few animals and then Connor saw it.... the holy grail.... the...... MOONBOUNCE...... once he got inside he did not want to come out. The attendant had to go in and "help" him get out when his turn was up! From that point there was a bunch of screaming and yelling and a lot of tantruming. I decided we needed lunch. While buying lunch they played the National Anthem.... my son screamed and cried through the WHOLE National Anthem. Lindsey swore she couldn't hear him from where she was but I felt like everyone was staring.

We got lunch, played on a tractor and headed BACK to the ambulance because they now had a fire truck there too. More tantrums, another pony ride, more tantrums and another few bounces in the moon bounce and mommy was DONE. I couldn't handle the meltdowns any longer... it was time to go. Sooooo I dragged my screaming toddler out of the event, into the parking lot and took him home. Nap time didn't come soon enough that day. Whew. So, like I said, at least the pics make it look like he had a great time!


  1. Yep, the pics definitely don't show any trace of the meltdown. And I must say...I ADMIRE your patience. I don't think I ever lasted that long when Noah was at that stage, throwing tantrums and such. Kudos to you Momma!

    1. I was REALLY trying to be "happy" mom that day. No amount of my happy was helping at all! :) Live and learn!

  2. Sounds like a super fun day! =) Loving the photos. You can tell why Connor had an amazing time. =)

  3. Cute. Cute. Cute.