Friday, October 19, 2012

Ravens Game!

My dad and I went to the Game 1 of the Ravens football season. It was great! They played great, looked great and I had a great time (is that enough "greats" in one sentence?).

I'm pretty sure I hadn't been to a Ravens game since Connor was born. I know I went when I was pregnant with him because there's nothing like being big and round and walking the ramps of M&T bank stadium.

It was nice begin back in the stadium and seeing all the purple after 2.5 years. Because Art Modell had recently passed away the Ravens dedicated a chunk of their time to him and his legacy. The air was cool for it being in early September and at one point I thought I was going to need a hot chocolate. Looking back at the game now, I think it was one of the Ravens best games this season. I haven't seen a game since where they looked as good as they did then.

It was especially nice getting away with just my dad for the evening. We are usually spending time together with friends and family or Kev and I are dropping Connor off for a night out.

We took time to pose with our angry faces... apparently I really can't make an angry face without my nostrils flaring.... totally embarrassing. :)

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