Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Love

Labor day is one of my favorite long weekends out of the year. Don't ask me why... I've just always looked forward to this particular weekend at the end of a long summer.

This summer didn't go by too slow. I thought it was going to when it got super hot early in July. I was worried it was going to be THAT HOT alllllllllllll summer long. Thankfully.... mother nature got my memo and it cooled off. Not a lot but enough to make it tolerable. If only she'd get my memo about my dislike for humidity, life would be just fabulous.

So what did we do???

Well... Friday evening I picked up pizza and after dinner I went and got a hair cut. A much needed haircut. It was lovely. I came home to find Kevin slowly being taken over by the cold/virus that hit our house earlier in the week. Boo.

Saturday Kev got his sick butt up and out of bed to go to a softball tournament. I wished him good luck and off he went. Connor and I had plans. BIG plans. Plans to party.

Every year my dad's side of the family and another side of the family get together. We grill and cook up really yummy food and BAM! the party gets started. This year we had Alligator and Crabs on the menu. SCHAWEET!

Sunday..... Ahhh... Sunday.... I was supposed to get together with a girlfriend to do a yard sale. Late Saturday night we decided to cancel because it was supposed to rain off and on all morning long. Well.... the rain was off all morning long. OH WELL! All three of us pretty much vegged around the house like a lazy bump on a log. It was wonderful.

Monday Connor met up with our friends Taran and PJ for a play date. Apparently the air port in our area has an inside viewing area that the kids could watch the planes. There is also plane pieces for them to play on (if I read the website correctly). We got to the air port with toddlers in toe. Dodging people and their bags, down escalators and looking for air planes. When we asked someone where this awesome place was.... we were informed it was closed for renovation! OH NO! Toddlers wanted to see air planes! It was rainy outside so we couldn't do the outside viewing area!  Luckily we found an area off to the side with windows and a beautiful glass crab statue. The kiddos could see some planes and were memorized by the crab. From there it was off to the mall for lunch and playtime.

Our Labor Day weekend wasn't over the top, we didn't travel somewhere exotic or party hard.... but we spent time together and with people we care about. Those....are the BEST kind of weekends for sure.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! The photos are adorable... :)

  2. Well, it looks like you are indeed keeping busy!

  3. It's not about what you do on holiday, it's about who you are with. You got it right! :D