Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gluten Free?

In the last several months I've been looking into gluten free options of eating. I had a few colitis flare-ups last year. I have medicine that will prevent them but I don't like being on medicine every day if I can prevent flare-ups with my diet.

Research that I have done is coconut oil and milk is VERY good for your digestion and overall health. Coconut oil does a bazillion great things for your body inside and out (maybe I'll post a blog about it soon) and coconut milk has lots of nutrients for your digestive tract and coats it if you're having issues.

Next is yogurt. I'm not a HUGE fan of yogurt but I've noticed that yes... it does help my digestive tract out big time when I eat it.

Lastly, is a gluten free diet. When I first looked into going gluten free this winter I felt very overwhelmed a thought that it would be impossible with our crazy lifestyle. BUT in the last two months I'm finding out more and more that gluten free is finally becoming "popular" at the grocery store and there are A LOT of options. We've switched to eating Quinoa and fresh vegetables rather than preprocessed noodle sides or frozen sauced vegetables. We've always been a fan of eating Spaghetti Squash instead of pasta BUT I've also now discovered gluten free pasta made by the Quinoa brand. It is surprisingly good!

For lunch this week I made Crustless Quiche. It was gluten free, easy to make and VERY YUMMY! I found brown rice flour in the grocery store last trip and I thought that is what I would need as flour. Apparently you need to mix other things with that flour for baking. I got disappointed at first but then found gluten free flour with everything mixed together for me. Sooooo this morning... I made gluten free blueberry pancakes. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd they tasted exactly (if not better) than my other pancakes that I make from scratch! It even passed the Kevin and Connor taste test. Score!

I started with the basic pancake from scratch recipe that I found on line. I swapped the gluten free flour mix that I bought with the flour in the recipe. Then I added the blueberries, a big splash of vanilla extract, a regular splash of almond extract, a sprinkle of nutmeg and a big sprinkle of cinnamon. Like I said... they were gooooooooooooooooooood.

I'm started a board on my pinterest for gluten free cooking. I'm looking forward to it!


  1. oooo we can swap recipes! I must admit I've had a few slip ups lately and I'm sitting here feeling dreadful. I need to get back on that dedicated gluten-free train.

  2. So glad I found this! I'm now following you on pinterest, and I am following your blog from bloggy moms blog hop.

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