Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome to Motherhood My Dear Friend

One of my most dearest friends, Lindsey, is about to have her first baby. I couldn't be more happier for her and her husband. I can't believe the due date is here in front of us already. I feel like we were just sitting at my kitchen table talking about how they were going to start trying to conceive last year. My heart is filled with so much joy for her I can't stand it.

We tried to go for a walk last night, but when we arrived at Ft. Smallwood Park we realized that the park was closed on Wednesdays. Sooooo we turned around and headed for Downs Park. By the time we got there we saw the sign that said the park closed at 7pm. We had 20 minutes. Boo. We let Connor spend his time running around the playground and swinging on the swings. A little after 7 the Park Ranger told everyone to get the heck outta there.... well not really... he said the park was closed. :) We drove back to my house and walked around the neighborhood and enjoyed good old fashioned conversation like we used to as kids walking through the neighborhood we grew up in. After she left, and while I was doing my nightly decluttering of the living room.... I kept thinking about everything she is about to experience in the next week and following year. I started jotting things down and it turned into a letter.

Dearest Friend,

You are about to embark on a journey that is filled with such emotion, heart bursting love, awe, insomnia, and questions with everything that you do. You're getting read to bring this life into the world. The thought is scary and overwhelming, but the "prize" at the end is a cute squishy baby that will bring so much joy into your life that it will completely blow your mind and heart.

You'll be faced with lots of unsolicited advice and what you should do or shouldn't do. Just love your baby. Love him with everything you got.

There will be moments with just him and you in the middle of the night. You'll be so freaking tired but so freaking in love at the same time. This love I can't put into words. I'm sure you've already been feeling it. Just wait until he's in your arms looking up at you. This love is what gets you through the long nights, the explosive diapers, and "oh my god will this kid stop crying" moments.This love makes your heart burst from within your chest.

In my two years of being mommy I've learned there isn't awards and you can't screw up (too bad). You're judged on everything you do from carseats, to what and how you feed your child, to where you baby sleeps and how clean your bathtub is. It can be a long and winding confusing path but so worth it at the same time. The love from your child at the end of the day makes the unnecessary noise go away.

I'm so blessed to have you join me in this crazy thing they call motherhood. Our lives are pointing in the same direction and we can navigate this journey blindly together.

Love you and Good Luck!


  1. So touching! Lindsey's little guy will be here soon <3
    The bathtub reference made me laugh and kept me from crying ;)