Monday, March 12, 2012

The Good Kind of Karma

I mentioned in my last post that Connor and I took a trip down to the neighborhood beach yesterday and a neighbor gave him a toy car on our way there. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to post something here.

I am very thankful that our house is a short walk to a little beach that Connor can put his toes in the water when it's warm and play in the sand with his toys (which in turns makes it so we don't have to have a sand box at our house). The sad thing I've been seeing (and saw last year) is the trash that builds up. Its like people picnic there and then don't pick up their trash. HOW HARD IS IT TO PICK UP YOUR TRASH!!

If everyone is leaving behind trash we're not going to have a place to play... AND FAST. The end of last summer I started packing a grocery bag with us in the stroller so I could pick up some of the trash while we were there. Before leaving on our walk yesterday I grabbed a grocery bag again because I've noticed over the last two weeks its been building up again. The community is only as good as the people in it. Respect the area around you.

On the way down the community area I looked down and saw the wing that has been missing off of Connor's dragon for the last week along the side of the sidewalk next to someone's lawn. I thought it was in our house hiding somewhere and with being sick I just didn't feel like looking so I put the toy away and planned on finding the wing at another time. Well..... it must have fallen off the when he took the toy with him to the beach with us last week. I gave universe a quick thank you and we ventured on our way.

Once we got to the community area (a big field) I saw three girls leaving the beach area and they walked past us. I could hear and older woman calling to them and it sounded like she was asking them to bring Connor a car. Sure enough.... one of the girls ran up to us and asked if she could give Connor a toy car. I did a quick inspection not wanted to look paranoid and said sure. I turned to the direction of the woman's house and there she was up on her deck waving at us. I waved back and yelled thank you. I've never met this woman in my life!! I don't know if she's seen us before on our walks or what but I was very blessed for the gift, as was Connor.

We go to the beach and sure enough there was trash. Connor played with his new car on some logs and I walked around picking up some trash. What I found:
1. A brand new looking tennis shoe (I left it as there was only one and I figured the owner would come back to get it)
2. Empty chip bags
3. Empty beer cans
4. Empty microwavable hormel chili container (and why... there isn't a microwave at the beach!)
5. An American Girl magaizne
6. Empty zip lock bags.
7. A fishing reel
8. Empty yogurt container
9. Empty water bottle
10. Random pieces of plastic

There was several other things that I picked up as well. I filled the whole bag and I could have found more to pick up. I just don't understand the lack of responsibility people have in regards to cleaning up after themselves.

On the way back I was thinking of the events of the last hour. Making the decision to grab a bag to throw trash in, finding the missing wing on the sidewalk, the gift Connor received and me picking up the trash. When we got home, I washed my hands and realized that I was in the middle of good karmic reactions. You usually only hear people wishing bad karma on others or talking about bad karma happening to them but yesterday.... we were in a whirlwind of good karma!

Here are some pics of our last two trips to the beach.
One our first trips out here this year the tide was scary low.
BUT we had a fun time playing in the sand anyway.

Playing with his new car.
Looking for boats


  1. Just imagine if everyone did what you did...imagine the difference that could make!!

  2. I wonder how much of the trash isn't from people at the beach area, but floated there from other places or from boats on the river.

    Keeping the world clean has to start somewhere and I've found myself picking up trash that I see now and then. I really dislike seeing all the litter.

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